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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Nov 15, 2019

Rachel learns secretssss about her grandmother. She also experiments with a longer format -- let her know what you think!

  1. Timothy Charles Holehouse -- “Aveiro” (Come) 
  2. Morgan Wade & The Stepbrothers — “Songs I Won’t Remember” (Puppets With My Heart)
  3. Mikaela Finne — “Stay” (Mikaela Finne)
  4. Little Bandit -- “Money” (Breakfast Alone)
  5. Eric Peter Schwartz — “Heaven in Disrepair” (The Unraveling Man)
  6. She/Her/Hers -- “Kill the Boy Band” (Kill the Boy Band)
  7. Daniel Khan — “Paper Soldier” (Bulat Blues feat. Vanya Zhuk)
  8. Andrew Thiriot -- “Say I’m Home” (Single) 
  9. Sam Weber -- “Blackout” (Everything Comes True)
  10. Abigail Lapell -- “Leningrad” (Getaway)
  11.  Vigilantes of Love — “Extreme North of the Compass” (Audible Sigh)

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