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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Jul 25, 2018

Von gets rid of that damn mouse. Rachel was stunned by Janelle Monae. They’re both giggly about her song “PYNK,” and you get to be, too! Also, it’s our 25th episode, so we share some stats about how we’re doing so far! Thanks for supporting us!

Music in this episode:

  1. Janelle Monae - PYNK (Dirty Computer) 

Jul 20, 2018

Mouse traps, stalker publicists, bad first girlfriends, Patreon update, and... do we talk too much?

  1. Zena Carlota - “Muzinge” (The Confidence of Birds) (SH)
  2. Broke Down Rodeo - “On To The North” AND “Last Cigarette” (First Rodeo) 
  3. Ric Robertson - “The Fool” AND “Hallelujah, I’m a Dreamer” (The Fool,...

Jul 13, 2018

Sports, hippies, and luaus. It gets a little weird, but mostly we stick to a raucous blues and punk-filled set!

Music in this episode:

Lucero - “For The Lonely Ones” AND “Long Way Back Home” (Among The Ghosts)

Jamie Lynn Vessels, “Whiskey Blues” AND “For Kim” (Storm Coming)

Levi Parham - “My Finest...

Jul 5, 2018

Von discusses his star turn in Rocky Mountain Fast Guy. Rachel laughed too loud during Hearts Beat Loud. Oops. Also, we take a deep dive into Jason Isbell and American Aquarium if you’re curious. Also also, read Rachel’s article about queer country artists in Wide Open Country!