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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Oct 18, 2019

Urban decay, rural revival, Yom Kippur contemplations, and all the best alt-country that’s fit to share!
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  1. Kelly Hoppenjans -- “If I Had You (Love Letter From a Padded Cell)” (OK, I Feel Better Now)
  2. Sammy Kay -- “Try to Find” (Civil/War)
  3. William Lawrence -- “Slow Dancing On a High Wire” (Slow Dancing on a High Wire)
  4. Karen and the Sorrows -- “When People Show You Who They Are” (Guaranteed Broken Heart)
  5. Sarah Lee Langford -- “Two Hearted Rounder” (Two Hearted Rounder)
  6. Driftwood Soldier -- “John Henry” (Stay Ahead of the Wolf)
  7. Zachary Lucky -- “Didn’t Know That You’d Come Along” (Midwestern)
  8. Andrew VanNorstrand -- “The Deep Blue Green” (That We Could Find a Way to Be)
  9. Erin Viancourt -- “Playin’ Old Records” (Single)!
  10. Harvey Russell -- “Please Don’t Pretend” (Liquid Damage)
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