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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Jun 10, 2019

It’s our first live episode in a while! We catch up on the last couple of weeks -- and you should get your Micah Schnabel ticket for NEXT WEEK!

Get tickets to stream (or go!) to Micah Schnabel’s Storytellers’ Session on June 13th here

Music in this episode:

  1. Bradley Palermo -- “All My Friends (Have Died)” AND “Trouble to Find” (Volume 1)
  2. The Interrupters - “Gave You Everything (Acoustic)” (Single)
  3. Evan Bartels -- “Lula” (Hattrick Sessions) (tag @hattricksesh)
  4. Desure - “Los Angeles” AND “Coming Down” (Desure)
  5. Annie Bacon and Her OSHEN -- “Nothing Stays the Same” AND “Gallatin Pike” (ft. Eight Belles) (Nothing stays the same)
  6. The High Divers - “Ride With You” AND “Still Kickin’” (Ride With You)
  7. Jamila Woods -- “GIOVANNI” AND “SONIA (feat. Nitty Scott)” (LEGACY! LEGACY!)
  8. ATFM - “Death Of A Ramblin’ Man” AND “Bad For The Money” (Around For The Moment)
  9. LOUIZA -- “Swim at Night” (Party Trick)
  10. The Mammoths - “Green Eyes” (Single)

INTERVIEW: Kate Vargas featuring her single: “Nothing Turns My Lock”

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