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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Apr 5, 2019

Low-energy vibes but high-quality tunes! Deprogram yourself and kick back with Von and Rachel!

Von’s band heavyheavy -- 4/19, Badass Cafe, Bradenton, FL

Rachel’s Kickstarter:

Music in this episode:

  1. Isasa - “Conversaciones en un supermercado” (Insilio)
  2. Susto - “Livin’ In America” (Ever Since I Lost My Mind)
  3. Rod Melancon -- “Westgate” (Pinkville)
  4. Dashdown - “Blood Moon” (3 From Me EP)
  5. David Quinn -- “Wanderin’ Fool” (Wanderin’ Fool)
  6. The Skylarks LA - “Deeper Sleep” (The Skylarks LA)
  7. Kelly Augustine -- “Thunder on the Mountain” (Light in the Lowlands)
  8. Ruston Kelly - “Mockingbird” (Dying Star)
  9. Katey Brooks -- “Never Gonna Let Her Go” (Single)
  10. Chris Shiflett - “This Ol’ World” (Hard Lessons)


Rachel wrote a comic! Check it out here! Send us music via SubmitHub. Send us money via Ko-fi or Patreon. Contact Von via and say hi to Rachel on Twitter @adobeteardrops