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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Dec 4, 2020

Rachel still has Thanksgiving brain, but put together all the best in Americana, country, folk, and...classical music?

Album of the Week: Adeem the Artist -- Forgotten Songs and American Dreams
 Adeem is a fellow contributor at Country Queer, but even if I didn’t know him to be a gentleperson and a scholar, I’d fall in love with his music. Funny, touching, urbane, and profound, when Adeem describes himself as “toiling” in his songwriting, you can believe it. Every word is perfectly place, and every line shows us the three-dimensional workings of a human soul. Adeem deftly switches up styles throughout this song in particular, doing whatever it takes to follow the song where it leads him.
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  1. Drift Mouth -- “The Book of Allison” (Loveridge is Burning)
  2. Rowan Simmons -- “Three-Legged Horse” (Kentucky Coal)
  3. The January Lanterns -- “I Won’t Know (Until the End)” (Wild Innocence)
  4. Scott Cook -- “Leave a Light On” (Tangle of Souls)
  5. Adeem the Artist -- Canvas to the Frame (Forgotten Songs and American Dreams)
  6. Kingdom Jasmine -- “Bloodsport” (Single)
  7. George Shingleton -- “Misery & Gin” (Out All Nighter)
  8. Jan Van Gold -- “New Walking Shoes” (Single)
  9. Hillfolk -- “Struggle” (Single)
  10. Terry Blade -- “Same Gender Loving” (Single)
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