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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Sep 18, 2020

L’Shanah tovah! Let’s dig deep into an extra-large episode of blues, punk, rock, pop, and country music. Why is it longer? Because I can! Also, some good news!
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Album of the Week: Daniel Romano -- How Ill Thy World Is Ordered
This is a stunning album, with dense prophetic lyrics. Romano’s delivery is eerie and damning, songs that speak truth to power with Dylan-esque poetry -- but none of his vagaries. This album has genuine power, an electrifying energy that will send chills up your arms. And it’s Romano’s 10th of the year. Clearly he’s not running out of steam.
  1. Daniel Romano -- “A Rat Without a Tale” (How Ill Thy World Is Ordered)
  2. Tender Creature -- “Climbing Trees” (If Anyone Asks)
  3. Liz Longley -- “Finally High” (Funeral For My Past)
  4. Stephen Clair -- “Come Down” (The Small Hours)
  5. Photo Ops -- “Walking Under the Trees” (Pure at Heart)
  6. Victoria Bailey -- “Honky Tonk Woman” (Jesus, Red Wine, & Patsy Cline)
  7. Elliott Brood -- “Full of Wires” (Keeper)
  8. Dustbowl Daddies -- “Goodbye Great Society” (Single)
  9. Lucinda Williams -- “Maria” (Happy Woman Blues)
  10. Matt Woods -- “Take It Slow” (Mornings After)
  11. Brennan Leigh -- “Billy and Beau” (Prairie Love Letter)
  12. Dan Lepien -- “Outlaw Songs” (Single)
  13. Kristopher James -- “Never Had to Find Our Way” (Single)
  14. Mickey Guyton -- “Black Like Me” (Bridges)
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