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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Jun 19, 2020

CW: I discuss suicide at the end of the podcast when I introduced “Shame Is a River”
Come say hi to me at the Pride School Festival on Discord! I’ll be DJ-ing a queer country and punk set!
Otherwise, I talk about laptop woes, finally feeling feelings, and a Bella pupdate!
  1. Matt Lovell -- “Sabotage” (Nobody Cries Today)
  2. Chris Pureka -- “Betting on the Races” (Back in the Ring)
  3. Indigo Girls -- “Country Radio” (Look Long)
  4. Boy Scouts -- “A World So Full of Love” (Single)
  5. Cody Landress-Gibson -- “Nights in Arkansas” (Cody Landress-Gibson)
  6. Matt Steinfield -- “Ozark Mountain Desparation Song” (Single)
  7. Robert Connelly Farr -- “Hold Her Close (Gasoline)
  8. Alma Russ -- “Better Than That” (Next Town)
  9. Julie Arsenault -- “Mr. Golden Sun” (The Creature That I Call Myself)
  10. Thin Lear -- “A Simple Phrase” (Wooden Cave)
  11. Bad Flamingo -- “Open the Gates” (Single)
  12. Risa Kopp -- “Ransom Paid” (Single)
  13. Nana Grizol -- “We Carry the Feeling” (South Somewhere Else)
  14. Rett Madison -- “Shame Is a River” (Single)
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