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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

May 4, 2020

Thank you to those who performed and donated at the 9th Anniversary show! Heres the GoFundMe link if you’d still like to support undocumented students and their families in New York State.
This episode was late because I’ve spent the week playing with my new dog, Bella! Whom you’ll hear and hear more about in the episode.
This week we’ve got rockabilly, folk, punk, and just about everything in between -- as per usual! Jump on in!
  1. Devil Doll-- “Ballad of the Rearview Mirror” (Lover & A Fighter) 
  2. Saddlemen  -- “Talking In the Night” (Single)
  3. Olivia Awbrey -- “Pangaea Was a Supercontinent” (Dishonorable Harvest)
  4. Brett Newski -- “Last Dance” (Don’t Let the Bastards Get You Down)
  5. Ryan Cassata -- “Catcher in the Rye” (The Witches Made Me Do It)
  6. Van Darien -- “What’s Killing Me ” (Levee)
  7. Bradley Wik -- “I Started Killing Myself Years Ago” (music for depressed alcoholic autistic people)
  8. Craig Signals -- “Your God’s Name is Ambition” (Stop Experimenting On Us)
  9. Eric Harrison -- “Adrian” (Gratitude) 
  10. Liv Greene -- “New York’s Arms” (Every Bright Penny) 
  11. Hannah Connolly -- “Meet You There” (From Where You Are) 
  12. Brothers Strong -- “Didn’t Teach Me How to Love” (Not Enough to Go Around)
  13. Juhan Ongbrian -- “Walling Blues” (Single)
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