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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Mar 20, 2020

Another episode this week! I had the good fortune to interview Meta Ingram-Miller of the Legendary Ingramettes. She offers some much-needed wisdom and comfort.
Also, check out the LIVE FROM QUARANTINE festival! There’s too many people to count but I promise there’s name you recognize and love on the lineup.
  1. Liz Longley -- “3 Crow” (Funeral For My Past)
  2. Floyd Thursby -- “Cupid Calls it Quits” (To Those in Flames)
  3. Hailey Whitters -- “Janice At the Hotel Bar” (The Dream)
  4. Alicia Blue -- “Queen of Echo Park (feat. Lauren Ruth Ward”
  5. Boy Scouts -- “Expiration Date” (Free Company)
  6. Worriers -- “End of the World” (You Or Someone You Know)
  7. Gus Miller -- “Perfect Fool” (Gus Miller)
  8. Tyler Sears Band -- “Angles of Providence” (Single)
  9. Shane Nicholson -- “Famous Last Words” (Bad Machines)
  10. INTERVIEW: The Legendary Ingramettes
    1. Music: “Grandma’s Hands” AND “I’ve Endured” (Take a Look In the Book)
All earnings from this months podcast will go to tornado relief in Nashville.
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