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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Nov 23, 2018

Von is back! Elon Musk discourse. When is a song too long? And, of course, a moment for Stan Lee.

Music in this episode:

  1. Gospel Whiskey Runners - “Keep On Tryin” (Single)
  2. Bill Mallonee - “In the New Dark Age (The Best Thing You Can Do is Fall in Love)” (Forest Full of Wolves)
  3. The Dirty River Boys - “Hopeful Loser” (Mesa Starlight)
  4. Michot’s Melody Makers - “Two-Step de ste Marie” (Blood Moon)
  5. Them Vibes - “Nothing Better Than You” (Single)
  6. Alfredo Rodriguez - “The Little Dream” (The Little Dream)
  7. Bradley Cooper - “Black Eyes” (A Star Is Born Soundtrack)
  8. Mitch Bradford - “Everybody’s Got Someone to Love (‘Cept You and Me)” (Love Is Kind)
  9. The Regrettes - “Helpless” AND “California Friends” (Singles)
  10. Arrogant Afterglow - “Admission” (Single)