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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Dec 13, 2019

Rachel just realized it’s Adobe & Teardrops’ 8th anniversary! This episode is as good as any to jump in -- she discusses punk, feminism, and queer country music!
  1. Brian Fallon -- “Etta James” (Sleepwalkers)
  2. Two Ways Home -- “Out On the Road” (Closest Stranger)
  3. Sweet Fever -- “Needle and Gold” (Single)
  4. Melissa Etheridge -- “Love Will Live” (The Medicine Show)
  5. Cindy Lee Berryhill -- “Diane” (Straight Outta Maryville)
  6. Cowboy Mouth -- “Rose on Fire” (Word of Mouth)
  7. Mavis Staples -- “Sometime” (We Get By)
  8. Michelle Hannan -- “He’s Too Far Gone” (Single)
  9. Suzanne Vega -- “Gypsy” (Solitude Standing)
  10. Troubaduo -- “A Better Hell” (Single)
  11. Werwe -- “Making Art” (Werwe)
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