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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Nov 22, 2019

Guest-starring one of Rachel’s favorite people! We’ve got jazz, pop, punk, and country -- the usual!Also,  you should watch the video for Jeremy and the Harlequins’ “A Chinese  Restaurant on Christmas” -- trust me. The link is in the show notes. 

  1. Matt & Kim — "Daylight" (Grand)  
  2. Jeremy and the Harlequins -- “A Chinese Restaurant on Christmas” (Single)
  3. Karen and the Sorrows — "Jonah and the Whale" (Guaranteed Broken Heart)
  4. Scott H. Biram -- “Been Down Too Long” (Sold Out to the Devil: A Collection of Gospel Cuts by the Rev. Scott H. Biram)
  5. Of Monsters and Men — "Empire" (Beneath the Skin)
  6. Whippoorwill -- “Cold Sound” (Single) 
  7. Carly Rae Jepsen — “Too Much” (Dedicated)
  8. Tomeka Reid Quartet -- “Aug 6” (Old New)
  9. Hamilton — “Wait For It” (Hamilton Cast Recording) 
  10. Scott Howard -- “Come With Me” (Ascended Man)

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