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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Oct 25, 2019

 In defense of Chumbawamba. Happy anniversary to me! Also, some Kickstarter luck! PLUS -- an interview with a WEREWOLF! And a whole mess of great queer country music!
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  1. Mercy Bell -- “Pattern” (Mercy Bell)
  2. Hailey Whitters -- “Red Wine and Blue” (The Days)
  3. Sami Jo -- “Two Truths and a Lie” (Single) 
  4. Shana Falana -- “Stripped” (DarkestLight)
  5. Low Tide -- “Whisper” (The Alchemist)
  6. Chumbawamba -- “The Good Ship Lifestyle” (Tubthumper)
  7. The Revelers -- “Au bout de la riviere (At the End of the River)” (The End of the River)
  8. Katie Dahl -- “Helen” (Wildwood)
  9. Daemon Chili -- “Take Sounding” (Live in Lowell) 
  10. Ballroom Thieves -- “Tenebrist” (Single) 
INTERVIEW: Shadwick Wilde Quiet Hollers -- Loup (Hide Away)MUSIC:
  • “These Dark Robes” (I Am the Morning)
  • “Loup (Hide Away)” (Single)
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