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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Oct 4, 2019

It’s Rachel’s first live episode all by herself! Thanks to everyone who joined us on the Discord chat! (Want to hop on next time? Get more info at the Patreon -- link below!) Rosa also makes a guest disappearance!
We get a little mellow this week. And honestly, couldn’t we all use that?
  1. Kelsey Waldon -- “Sunday’s Children” (White Noise/White Lines)
  2. Alexa Rose -- “Like a Child” (Medicine For Living)
  3. Scatterlings -- “Nashville Road” (Being Human)
  4. Daniel Martin Moore -- “Real Love Song” (Never Look Away)
  5. Susan Gibson -- “Antiques” (The Hard Stuff)
  6. Ultramizers -- “Blue” (Single)
  7. Monica Rizzio -- “Sunshine is Free” (Sunshine is Free)
  8. Keith Secola -- “NDN Kars” (Circle)
  9. Jamie McDell -- “Botox” (The Botox EP)
  10. Four in the Morning -- “Lucky Kids” (Half Asleep)
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