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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Sep 20, 2019

I recorded this on Monday and it’s already been a hell of a week! I got to see Brandi Carlile SELL OUT Madison Square Garden. I have more thoughts (and videos) here

See below for a little note The Sometimes Boys dropped me in honor of their last album (for now.)

Also, an experiment with sets!


  1. The Sometimes Boys -- “Women of the World” AND “Unnatural Disasters” (The Perfect Home)
  2. Alex Krug Combo -- “Merriment” AND “Arguing Wings” (Sleeping On the Woodlands)
  3. Bendigo Fletcher -- “Chocolate Garden” (Memory Fever)
  4. Dallas Burrow -- “Water and Wood” (Southern Wind)
  5. Del Barber -- “Dancing in the Living Room” AND “Louise” (Easy Keeper)
  6. Tanya Tucker -- “Seminole Wind Calling” AND “I Don’t Owe You Anything” (While I’m Livin’)
  7. L’il Andy -- “Out on the Old Highway” AND “All the Love Songs Lied to Us” (All The Love Songs Lied To Us)
  8. Reyna Tropical -- “Calor” AND “Lluvia” (Sol y Lluvia) 
  9. Bryony Jarman-Pinto -- “Saffron Yellow” AND “Alchemy” (Cage & Aviary)
  10. Tenille Townes -- “Jersey on the Wall” (Single)


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From The Sometimes Boys:

Architect Love Letter started as a pretty, fingerpicked bluegrass figure one Labor Day evening during a jam session after a long day of BBQ and day drinking. When singer Sarah Mucho took it home, she envisioned a song about an architect building a perfect mate, which then transformed into an idea about building your best self. As she says, "There is a spiritual aspect with the tribal chanting or incantation in the choruses. Think the law of attraction concept...visualizing what you want in life while also taking action towards building it." 

The idea is that in building our perfect home, or self, we are also trying to achieve some lost experience of paradise - because that is what 'home' means in so many religious texts. So musically, the song progresses from an assertion of building the perfect home, with expected song structures of verse, chorus - even a gospel bridge - into dissolving away in that home - when achieved, the structures from which we 'sweat and bleed' pass away into a wash of psychedelic color, texture - pure joy at finding the release of building the perfect home.