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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Mar 9, 2018

Von and Rachel compliment each other’s hairstyles, Von shares his meet-cute with his wife (it’s super adorable), and the pair comment on that universal truth: music brings people together. Thanks for joining us this week on a set that starts off mellow and ramps up really quickly.

Music in this episode:

Vivian Leva , “Sturdy as the Land” (Time Is Everything) --

Brandon Whyde - “Fighting For You” (Silver Apples Of The Moon)

Pedigo's Magic Pilsner, “Warning Shot” (Pedigo’s Magic Pilsner) --

Kyle Cox, “Better Off Being Wrong” (Self-titled)

Megg Farrell - “Mr. Montgomery” (Fear Nothing)

The Revivalists - “Wish I Knew You (Single) 

Michelle Malone, “Sugar on the Tongue” (Slings & Arrows) --

Fruition - “I’ll Never Sing Your Name”  (Watching It All Fall Apart)

Brian Fallon - “Little Nightmares” (Sleepwalkers)

Whiskey Wolves of the West, “Sounds of the South” (Country Roots)

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