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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Mar 8, 2019

Cult indoctrination, bachelorette parties; Von destroys a garage remote in the name of neighborliness.

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Music in this episode:

  1. Michael Westbrook -- “Yesterday’s News” (Single) SH
  2. Sons Of Bill - “Before The Fall” (Well God Ma’am)
  3. Kimmi Bitter -- “Shine a Light” (West Side Twang) (SH)
  4. Six String Drag - “Small Town Punks” (Top Of The World)
  5. Andrew Bryant -- “I Am Not My Father’s Son” (Ain’t It Like the Cosmos)
  6. Curse Of Lono - “Blackout Fever” (As I Fell)
  7. Jennah Bell “3’59 (New York)” (Anchors and Elephants)
  8. Will Courtney - “Too High Now” (Crazy Love)
  9. Peter Berwick -- “Anyway” (Island) (SH)
  10. Jamestown Revival - “Crazy World (Judgement Day)” (Single)

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