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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Mar 1, 2018

Von and Rachel get a little punchy because this was their first real conversation of the day. They take a dive into the merits of bourbon versus whiskey, punctuation marks in band names, and introduce new bonus songs for Patreon subscribers.

Music in this episode:

Thunderpussy - “Speed Queen” (Single)

Barrence Whitfield And The Savages - “Adorable” (Soul Flowers Of Titan)

Tumbling Wheels, “Cold Bed” (United Bakery Records Revue Vol. 1) --

Ross John Martin, “The Ballad (Won’t Miss You”, (Single)

Curtis/Sutton And The Scavengers - “Talk A Little Less” (Whiskey Rain)

Jamie McLean, “Virginia,” (One and Only)  --

Greg Fleming & The Working Poor - “Headlights” (Working Poor Country)

The Fugitives, “London in the Sixties” (The Promises of Strangers)

Hiss Golden Messenger - “(Domino) Time Will Tell” (Hallelujah Anyhow)

Habibi, “Nedayeh Bahar” (Cardamom Garden -- not yet released)

All songs in bold are the bonus songs for Patreon listeners. You can support the podcast via Patreon ( or Ko-Fi (!

Thanks for listening!