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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Jan 25, 2019

Von’s Irish bar escapades, “brawlers and boozers episode,” Green Day side projects, Rachel interviews Jamie Lin Wilson. Find Caleb Caudle’s IndieGoGo here!

Music in the episode:

  1. Pete Mancini - “DUI Blues” (Single)
  2. St. Louis & The Walking Dead - “Supernova” (Blue Moon Shuffle)
  3. Joshua Ray Walker - “Canyon” (Wish You Were Here)
  4. Cody Jinks - “Lifers” (Lifers)
  5. 500 Miles to Memphis - “No Doubt About It” (Blessed Be the Damned)
  6. Blank Range - “Radio” AND “Proximity” (In Unison)
  7. Bob Sumner - “Worn Down Boy” (Wasted Love Songs)
  8. These Wild Plains - “Fast & Blue” (Distant Ways)
  9. Saddlemen - “Indiana” (Single)
  10. Brother Dege - “Country Come To Town” (Farmer’s Almanac)
    • “Death & Life”
    • “Alice”
    • “Oklahoma Stars”
  11. Jamie Lin Wilson Interview

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