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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Jan 18, 2019

Happy New Year! Von and Rachel divulge their NYE adventures. We also discuss making the cut for board games and proper wedding behavior (hint: it includes open bars.)

Music in this episode:

  • Quaker City Night Hawks - “Better In The Morning” (QCNH)
  • Neville Jacobs - “Makeup of a Fool” (Neville Jacobs)
  • Left Lane Cruiser - “Booga Chaka” (Claw Machine Wizard)
  • Jon Reynolds & The Aches - “Tomorrow’s News” (A Fear Of)
  • Deau Eyes - “Paper Stickers” (Single)
  • Alice Wallace - “This Lonely Talking” (Into the Blue)
  • Meat Puppets - “Warranty” (Dusty Notes)
  • Liz Brasher -- “Body of Mine” (Painted Image)
  • Criminal Hygiene - “Hardly News” (Run It Again)
  • Float Here Forever - “Brilliant Mind” (Tour the Ruins)


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