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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Dec 21, 2018

Von and Rachel discuss bar etiquette, gingerbread houses, strange party crashers -- also some blistering punk and expansive country music!

Music in this episode:

  1. Ben Pirani - “Light of My Life” (How Do I Talk To My Brother?)
  2. The Weeks - “Talk Like That” (Easy)
  3. Amy Ray - “Dadgum Down” (Holler)
  4. Benjamin Gibbard - “A Hard One To Know” (Former Lives)
  5. Ellen Angelico - “She Got Married” (Haven’t Changed Much)
  6. Face To Face - “Don’t Turn Away” (Hold Fast (Acoustic Sessions))
  7. The New Old-Fashioned - “Kid 2000” (Smalltown, Midwest, USA)*
  8. Street Dogs - “Stand For Something Or Die For Nothing” (Stand For Something Or Die For Nothing)
  9. J.S. Ondara - “Saying Goodbye” (Tales of America)
  10. The Decemberists - “Traveling On” (Traveling On EP)

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