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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Nov 16, 2018

Rachel is flying solo this week and she has some choice words for tomato-gate architect Keith Hill.

CORRECTION: Rachel called one of the St Beauty songs “Beauty.” Actually, it’s called “Borders!”

Music in this episode:

  1. Eden Iris - “Dangerous Mind” (Demons)
  2. Young Readers - “Dancing” (Migrator) SH
  3. The Rizzos - “90s Song” (Split 7”)
  4. Jonathan Byrd and the Pickup Cowboys - “We Used to Be Birds” AND (Jonathan Byrd and the Pickup Cowboys)
  5. Todd Burge -- “Comic Book Sleeve” AND (Your Reflection Will Kill You)
  6. Amy Darling -- “Jamie” (Rock’n’Roll Woman)
  7. Sarah VDB - “The Moon” (The Moon) (SH)
  8. Oginalii - “Further In/Out” (Cause and Affection)
  9. St Beauty - “Borders” (Rising to the Sun)
  10. Copper Viper - “Hung Up Alone” (Single)

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