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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Oct 5, 2018

It’s another live episode! Rachel is great at weddings, but Von skips them and cuts straight to the party. Also, Rachel divulges some family secrets. Von spills a few secrets, too -- about the Power Rangers. Also, Is Von drunk?! Short answer - no*.

*Long answer - Von is slurring his speech because he keeps getting his own audio delayed in his headphones during this live recording. Even though he could have been drinking as well.

Music in this episode:

  1. The Hold Steady - “Eureka” (Eureka w/Esther) (Confusion In The Marketplace w/T-Shirt Tux)
  2. Juliana Strangelove, “Far From Moscow (Single)
  3. Town Mountain - “Life And Debt” (New Freedom Blues)
  4. Perry Serpa, “Dirty Dishes” (w. Laura Cantrell) (Wherefore Art Thou?)  
  5. Dan Andriano In The Emergency Room - “My Human Being” (Party Adjacent)
  6. Tender Glue, “Rudy” (Closet Leftovers)
  7. William Elliott Whitmore - “Don’t Pray On Me [Bad Religion cover] (Kilonova)
  8. JP Harris “Sometimes Dogs Bark at Nothing” (Sometimes Dogs Bark at Nothing)
  9. Joe McMahon - “It All Went Black” (Another Life)
  10. Marcus: The Apex Predator!, “What Say You?” (The Fury of Almost)  

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