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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Sep 26, 2018

Is Von real? Is he who he truly who he says he is?! Or is he “good friends” with Tim Tracker? Also, tourists and busses are just the worst combo. Lastly, the knockout game. Also, here’s Von’s interview with Brian Henneman of the Bottle Rockets from a few years ago!


  1. Jerry David DeCicca, “Burning Daylight” (w/ Eve Searls) (Burning Daylight)
  2. Jeremy & The Harlequins - “Remember This” (Remember This)
  3. Sean Ardoin -- “In It For a Minute” (Kreole Rock and Soul)
  4. Whitehorse - “Who’s Been Talking” (The Northern South Vol. 2)
  5. Paul Cook and the Chronicles, “Stop” (Single)
  6. Anderson East - “Surrender” (Encore)
  7. The Lost Wages, “Southern Accent” (Single)
  8. Bottle Rockets - “Human Perfection” (Bit Logic)
  9. Herbert Bail Orchestra, “Chains” (History’s Made at Night)
  10. Birdtalker - “Free Like A Broken Heart” (One)

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