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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Sep 21, 2018

Von and Rachel talk spiritual experiences, though Von’s was at Disney World. As always, though, there’s lots of music to listen to and it’s all great.

Music in this episode:

  1. Jack Ellis - “The Barrel Of Your Gun” (Out Of Luck)
  2. Lauren Balthrop, “Down” (This Time Around)
  3. Will Hoge - “Stupid Kids” (My American Dream)
  4. Ben Fisher,”Yallah to Abdullah” (Does the Land Remember Me?)
  5. The Shondes, “True North” (Brighton)
  6. Rob Kayes - “Never Giving Up On You” (The Long Shot)
  7. Lea Kalisch and Julia Ostrov, “You Were Strangers” (REVIVAL)
  8. Color Picture Book - “This Time Around” (This Time Around/Amsterdam 7”)
  9. Charlie Treat, “Lonely Believer” (Charlie Treat)
  10. Conn Raney - “Simple Man” (Single)
  11. Randy Steele, “Mabbit Springs” (Moccasin Bender)

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