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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Aug 17, 2018

IT’S A GUNDAM!!!!!!!1!!1!!!?! And other giant robots of our youth. Also, St. Vincent’s performance art. Most importantly, we hear from the legend himself: Austin Lucas. Austin and Von discuss Austin’s punk roots, how Austin’s transformed his life in the last couple of years, record label skullduggery, and of course working with the legendary Steve Albini who has produced albums by basically everyone you’ve ever heard of (including Nirvana and the Pixies and that’s just off the top of Rachel’s head.) 

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  1. Lyman Ellerman, “The Addict” (I Wish I Was a Train) 8/10
  2. Brave Little Howl - Stories By The Campfire” (Our Lives Aren’t Movies)
  3. Nate Daviau, “Miss Him Too” (Single)
  4. J.R. Harbidge - “Turn The Screw” (First Ray Of Light)
  5. Jake Winstrom, “Breaking Up the Band” (Scared Away the Song)
  6. Scenic Route To Alaska - “Ghost Of Love” (Tough Luck)
  7. Tenille Townes, “Somebody’s Daughter” (Single)
  8. Teghan Devon - “I Learned” (Fingers Crossed)
  9. Jesse Daniel, “SR-22 Blues” (Jesse Daniel)
  10. RJ Comer - “Bad Day Paradise” (One Last Kiss)
    • “Goat And Goose” 
    • “Immortal Americans”
    • “Killing Time”
  11. Austin Lucas Interview

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