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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Aug 10, 2018

Patreon was dumb this week. Here’s how we feel about. (But also keep paying us please.) That leads us into net neutrality, btdubs -- but it’s not Rachel talking about politics this time. Rachel did talk about the Newport Folk Festival and she and Von take on some sacred cows. Also, bizarre Florida man (and New York man) stories as well as your favorite holiday: Rachel’s birthday!

Music in this episode:

  1. Daniel Bachman - “Song For the Setting Sun III” (Three Lobed)

  2. Patrik Antonsen - “Fishbowl” (Mr. Futility)

  3. Reina del Cid - “Queen Hazel” (Rerun City)

  4. Dawn And Hawkes - “Promised Land” (The Other Side)

  5. Dave Sheinen - “Talking To Myself” (First Thing Tomorrow)

  6. Foresteater - “Unbutton” (Single) (Single)

  7. Coyle Girelli - “Where’s My Girl?” (Single)

  8. The Wirelight - “Brace For Impact” (Single)

  9. Nate Smith - “A Girl Named America” (Single)

You can learn more about Rachel’s comic, Artema here. Come say hi at FlameCon!

Also, if you want to read more about Newport Folk Fest, here’s what Rachel had to say.

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Thanks again to Two Cow Garage for letting us use their music!