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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Feb 2, 2018

Von and Rachel return with a folksier well as Rachel's unvarnished opinions of Williamsburg. Mark Currey's "Unless You Move" kicks off the set, though Andrew Carter's "Tear This Motha' Down" and Tusk, Her's "Gianni's Gun" kick things into high gear, ratcheting it up 'til we hit queer punk band The Tonya Hardings' "Williamsblergh."
  1. Mark Currey - Unless You Move (Tarrant County)

  2. Hellbound Glory - Another Bender might Break Me (Pinball)

  3. Whiskey in the Pines, Answering Machine (Sunshine From the Blue Cactus)

  4. Sunny War, “I’m Human”, (With the Sun)

  5. Jeremy Pinnell - I Don’t Believe (Ties Of Blood and Affection)

  6. Andrew Carter - Tear This Motha’ Down (Andrew Carter)

  7. Tusk, Her, “Gianni's Gun” (Must Heard)

  8. Ruby Boots, “Believe in Heaven,” (Don’t Talk About It)

  9. Whitney Lockert - I Think I Think Too Much (The Internet Ruined Everything)

  10. The Tonya Hardings -- Williamsblergh (Punk is Dad)