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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

May 9, 2022

Well, this is it: the very, very, last episode of Adobe & Teardrops. It's been a great 5-year run, but fear not! The blog will continue. In honor of Adobe & Teardrops' 10th anniversary, here's a super episode of the unsung heroes of Americana's development into a commercial genre with special thanks to Tucker Riggleman, Gabe di Chiara, Farce the Music, and Dirt Reynolds for their suggestions.

Here are all the places mentioned in the podcast:

Track list:

  1. Paul Sanchez/Cowboy Mouth -- "Light It on Fire" (Word of Mouth) (04:58)

2. Glossary -- "A Shoulder to Cry On" (Long Live All Of Us) (07:01)

3. Porter and the Bluebonnett Rattlesnakes -- "Your Hometown" (Don't Go Baby, It's Gonna Get Weird Without You) (11:12)

4. Audra Mae -- "The Real Thing" (Audra May and the Almighty Sound) (15:13)

5. Joseph Plunket & The Weight -- "Grand Street" (Nowhere Now) (18:08)

6. Drag the River -- "Here's to the Losers" (Drag the River) (24:58)

7. Lenny & The Piss-Poor Boys -- "Cambridgeport Salloon" (Lenny & The Piss-Poor Boys) (28:39)

8. Prison Book Club -- "Too Much Livin'" (Prison Book Club) (31:42)

9. Becky Warren -- "Stay Calm Get Low" (War Surplus) (35:27)

10. Have Gun, Will Travel -- "Spirit of Discovery" (Science From an Easy Chair) (39:32)

11. Robyn Ludwick -- "Out of these Blues" (YouTube) (45:08)

12. Ha Ha Tonka -- "Lessons" (Lessons) (49:09)

13. The Trishas -- "Mother of Invention" (High, Wide, and Handsome) (53:42)

14. Arliss Nancy -- "Abacus" (Truckstop Roses) (57:24)

15. The Pollies -- "Something New" (Where the Lies Begin) (1:01:26)

16. Two Cow Garage -- "No Shame" (III) (1:07:44)

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