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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Mar 29, 2022

It's the second-to-last episode of Adobe & Teardrops, and Jewish country music won by popular demand!

Read more about Mya Byrne here!



  • Becky Warren -- "Good Luck (You're Gonna Need It)" (The Sick Season)
  • Nessi Gomes -- "As You Will (Hine Ani)" (Single)
  • Lily Henley -- "Morena Me Llaman" (Single)
  • Tsibele -- "Di Svet Shop (The Sweat Shop)" (It's Dark Outside)
  • Omer Netzer -- "Country Boy" (Single)
  • Miriam Margles – “Kuma” (Rise Up)
  • Mya Byrne -- "Inflatable Menorah" (Single)
  • Elliah Heifetz -- "Living Proof" (First Generation American)
  • Austin Lucas -- "Different Shade of Red" (Stay Reckless)
  • Aly Halpert -- "She Is On Her Way" (Loosen)

You can support Adobe & Teardrops by buying merch or hitting the ol’ Patreon or Ko-fi links! The podcast may be ending, but your donations will fund Rainbow Rodeo, the queer country zine, newsletter, and more media formats to come (hint, hint.) Thanks to Alma Contra for making the introduction.