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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Jan 10, 2022

Hey, gang. I got a little tied up with finals and never made a December episode for Adobe & Teardrops. That’s embarrassing, because December 8th is Adobe & Teardrops’ tenth anniversary!
I begin with a an all-time top 10 countdown for the last 10 years of Adobe & Teardrops. Then, at the 42-minute mark, I do my top 10 of 2021. See below for time stamps.
Also! I am fundraising for Never Again Action, a Jewish-led immigrant rights group. For every $100 we raise, I release a new song. Check out the videos that have already been posted and the donation link here. You'll also find an episode transcript there.
Before I begin, thank you so much for supporting Adobe & Teardrops for all these years. I wouldn’t do if it wasn’t for you.

(3:46) 2011 John Moreland Low (Everything the Hard Way)

(6:10) 2012 The Sparklers Gunfire and Confetti (Crying at the Low Bar)

(9:19) 2013 Two Cow Garage Stars & Gutters (Death of the Self-Preservation Society)
(11:36) 2014 N.Q. Arbuckle Hospitals (The Future Happens Anyway)
(15:00) 2015 Norma MacDonald Blue As a Jay (Burn the Tapes)
(20:47) 2016 Anna Tivel Black Balloon (Heroes Waking Up)
(25:23) 2017 Karen and the Sorrows The Price of the Ticket (The Narrow Place)
(29:46) 2018 Mariel Buckley I Wonder (Driving in the Dark)
(33:08) 2019 Jason Hawk Harris Giving In (Love & The Dark)
(37:19) 2020 Stephanie Lambring Daddys Disappointment (Autonomy)
Top 10 of 2021 (42:07)
  1. (44:36) Doc Feldman Let Me Love You (A Healthy Dose of Anxiety)
  2. (50:53) Maia Sharp When the World Doesnt End (Mercy Rising)
  3. (55:15) Ben Trickey -- Glendalough or Chantilly (We Are Not Lucky We Are Blessed)
  4. (1:01:01) Adeem the Artist -- Fervent For the Hunger (Cast Iron Pansexual)
  5. (1:04:41) Semler -- Prodigal Girl (Late Bloomer)
  6. (1:07:40) Valerie June Why the Bright Stars Glow (The Moon and Stars: Prescriptions for Dreamers)
  7. (1:13:00) Miko Marks Long As I Can See The Light (Race Records)
  8. (1:16:40) Margo Cilker Kevin Johnson (Pohorylle)
  9. (1:20:01) No-No Boy Where the Sand Creek Meets the Arkansas River (1975)
  10. (1:27:38) Aaron Vance Five Bucks Says (Cabin Fever)

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