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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Jun 8, 2018

It's our first live show, there’s a lot going on! Rachel discusses the live almost-nude girls she saw at an old-timey burlesque show. Von had a wild weekend. We also talk about who gets to be American and record country music (spoiler: everyone!) and fascism in country music. Von also interviews two film makers about their upcoming movie, “Rocky Mountain Fast Guy”, and discusses the film’s Americana soundtrack written by the film’s director. Also, there are lots of things for you to buy so please click on the links below!

Long Branch - “Ash” (Found the Setting Sun)

American Aquarium - “Tough Folks” (Things Change)

Elway - “Nobody Goes Into Meteorology for the Sunny Days” (For the Sake of the Bit)

Brent Thomas Diabo - “My Baby Doll” (Patch And Repair)

Emma Dilemma - “It’s So Easy” (So Becoming)

King Borneo - “Oreo Pancakes” (King Borneo EP)

Mandy Rowden - “Bad Things Happen” (When That Day Comes)

------Rocky Mountain Fast Guy Soundtrack ------

Hog Wild (Feat. SG Wood)

Ain’t Gonna Be A Heartache (Feat. Cassandra Calo)

Whiskey In The Wine

Rusty Ol’ Knife


The Dreggs - “Feel Alive” (Seas Embrace)

Dana Sipos - “Blue Ridge” (Trick of the Light)

Mitch Bradford - “Come Meet Your Lover” (Love Is Kind)


Special thanks to Two Cow Garage for allowing us to use their music for the opener! Micah Schnabel, the lead singer, just published his first novel, My Name Is Henry. Buy it here!

Also, buy Rachel's comic! It's got magic and EXILE. Click here!

And as always, you can support us via our Patreon and Ko-fi. Thanks for listening!