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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Jun 11, 2021


I'm super excited about my latest project, the queer country zine Rainbow Rodeo! The articles are amazing and the thing looks great -- and that's all thanks to the artists featured in this episode -- as well as many more! In this episode, I preview the zine and play music by some of the zine's contributors.

You can get your copy at

  • Karen and the Sorrows -- “You’re My Country Music” (Guaranteed Broken Heart) (3:03)
  • Justin Hiltner -- “Silver Dagger” (Single) (7:17)
  • Mya Byrne and Paisley Fields -- “Stay Away From My Man” (Electric Park Ballroom) (12:25)
  • Maya de Vitry -- “Better and Better” (How to Break a Fall) (14:28)
  • Bug Martin -- “Just For the Hell of It” (All That Is And What Ain’t) (19:22)
  • Sarah Shook -- “Fuck Up” (Sidelong) (22:16)

Next week’s topic: Juneteenth Pride With Terry Blade

Read the episode transcript at

Podcast intro by Alma Contra, music from Two Cow Garage’s “Stars & Gutters”

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