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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

May 25, 2018

Von and Rachel get to the bottom of Rachel’s intense phone phobia (because this is really just free therapy.) Von’s mom’s smartphone usage (and how great she is in general.) Also a deep dive into air conditioner models. Unrelated, we wonder why sometimes our Patreon episodes are almost 90 minutes long.

Content Warning: At around 36:00 through 40:00, Von and Rachel introduce a song called “Hollywood Zoo,” which is about the culture of sexual assault in Hollywood. While it is not graphic, you may want to skip this song. For resources about rape and sexual assault, visit or

Music in this episode:

Jacob Jeffries - “Weeds” (Single)

Luke Winslow-King - “Better For Knowing You” (Blue Mesa)

Dispatch - “Midnight Lorry” (America, Location 12)

John Calvin Abney - “Cowboys and Canyon Queens” (Coyote)

Clare Means - “Hollywood Zoo” (Single)

The Dead Tongues - “Won’t Be Long” (Unsung Passage)

Forest Fire Gospel Choir - “Oh Eleanor” (Single) AND “Daddio” (Self Titled)

Pharis and Jason Romero - “Salt and Powder” (Sweet Old Religion)

Marie Naffah - “Let Me Wilt” (Single)

Caroline Spence - “You Don’t Look So Good (When You Do Cocaine)” (Spades and Roses)

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