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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Apr 30, 2021

This week's episode is the LAST episode in this format, where I spin some new tunes that I like. Moving forward, each episode will revolve around a certain theme!

Album of the Week: Doc Feldman -- A Healthy Dose of Anxiety

The first half of the album is a healthy dose of some anti-anxiety; this album is a bit of a left turn for Doc, veering away from heartland rock and ploughing full-speed ahead into 70s-style Southern rock, like we heard on “Let Me Love You.” But Doc doesn’t make things simple. Even with that easy ridin’ music, these lyrics are gorgeous and thoughtful. Meanwhile, “Heavy Edges,” where the album gets its title from, is an almost chamber pop jeremiad about living in late-stage capitalism: one that would do Two Cow Garage proud. This is on my album of the year list to revisit in December.


Sarah Jarosz -- “Johnny” (World On the Ground) (1:57)

Doc Feldman -- “Let Me Love You” (A Healthy Dose of Anxiety)(5:57)

Two Cow Garage -- “Death of the Self-Preservation Society” (Death of the Self-Preservation Society) (12:15)

Brittany Howard -- “13th Century Metal” (Jaime) (15:44)


Tim Montana -- “River Kids” (Long Shots) (22:51)


Cowboy Mouth -- “Walk Among the Angels” (Word of Mouth) (26:21)

Adam Hooks and the Huckleberries -- “Brown County Blues” (So Far Gone) (29:26)

Lauren Jenkins -- “Like You Found Me” (Single) (33:44)

West of Texas -- “Darlin’ How You’ve Changed” (Heartache, Hangovers, and Honky Tonks) (39:37)

Brit Taylor -- “Waking Up Ain’t Easy” (Waking Up Ain’t Easy) (43:14)

Veronique Medrano -- “Wasted Days” (Single) (46:35)

Darrin Bradbury -- “Deanna, Deanna” (Single) (51:50)

Next week’s topic: Anti-Racist Country Music

Podcast intro by Alma Contra, music from Two Cow Garage’s “Stars & Gutters”

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