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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Apr 26, 2021

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Rachel has some big personal news, which should explain why this episode is late! Plus, the best in Americana and queer punk.

Album of the Week: Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band -- Dance Songs For Hard Times

Anyone familiar with their work knows that the Big Damn Band does nothing but dance songs, but this time around the trio is playing with as much urgency as fun. Regardless of the events of 2020, there's always hard times for people somewhere, and there've been plenty of hard times since 2016. The reverend and his revelers take the blues to an elemental level, one where venting about difficulties takes as much pride of place as having fun.

  1. Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band -- “Ways and Means” (Dance Songs for Hard Times) (3:01)
  2. DL Rossi -- “Whiskey” (Lonesome Kind) (6:39)
  3. Under the Rocks -- “Palm of Your Hand” (Single) (10:17)
  4. Veronique Medrano -- “Wasted Days” (Single) (16:49) 
  5. Brightwire -- “Tears Through the Sunshine” (20:41) 
  6. Edwin -- “Face in Chrome” (West) (23:53)
  7. Lande Hekt -- “December” (Going to Hell) (28:39)
  8. Blowboater - "clever weather" (Blowboater) (31:37)
  9. Max and the Martians -- “Death Dance” (All The Same) (35:56)
  10. Jess McIntosh and Aaron Smith -- “Dinah” (Jess McIntiosh and Aaron Smith) (40:15)

Next Week’s Topic: Final Grab-Bag!

Podcast intro by Alma Contra, music from Two Cow Garage’s “Stars & Gutters”

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