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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Mar 19, 2021

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New website, who dis?

Adobe & Teardrops condemns the violence against AAPI women this past week. I played a set of AAPI Americana artists in solidarity, and to remind us that this impacts the Americana world as well.

Album of the Week: Melissa Carper -- Daddy's Country Gold

I also wrote this up in No Depression. I can’t say enough that Melissa Carper is so freakin smart. Daddy’s Country Gold is vintage-style excellence, but it also subverts classic country music and insist on adding a queer presence there. As we’ll see on “Makin’ Memories,” a lot of this album is about questioning the past, and what really happened, and maybe seeing new things in it that we didn’t before.

  1. Gabe Lee -- “Ol’ Smokey (Reimagined)” (Single) (2:49)
  2. Mercy Bell -- “Black Dress” (All Good Cowboys) (6:40)
  3. Amina Shareef Ali -- “Farewell to My Man” (In the Dark (Awake of Course)) (11:26)

  1. Morgan Wade -- “Other Side” (16:26) (Reckless)
  2. Rob Leines -- “Saturday Night” (19:35) (Blood, Sweat, and Beer)
  3. Royal Horses -- “Time Wounds All Heals” (Single) (24:10)
  4. Sam C. Jones -- “Born to Love You” (Single) (27:44)

  1. Melissa Carper -- “Makin’ Memories” (31:56) (Daddy’s Country Gold)
  2. Mandy Rowden -- “Ghosts on the Arkansas” (35:48) (Parachute)
  3. The Heels -- “High Heels On” (Single) (40:36)
  4. Deadass Dobro -- “Through the Night” (Single) (43:23)

  1. Schmekel -- “FTM at the DMV”(48:54) (The Whale That Ate Jonah)
  2. Janet Simpson -- “Nashville Girls” (50:11) (Safe Distance)
  3. Samhain -- “Let the Horses Run” (Single) (53:07)
  4. Ontarians -- “No Regrets” (The Greatest Short Story Never Told) (57:22)

  1. Yasmin Williams -- “Adrift (ft. Taryn Wood)” (Urban Driftwood) (1:01:54) 

Podcast intro by Alma Contra, music from Two Cow Garage’s “Stars & Gutters”

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