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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Feb 5, 2021

 Rachel is snow-blind and annoyed! So only one thing is new. But also, there’s lots of jazz, country, and rock in this week’s episode -- just a fun smorgasbord of everything!

Album of the Week: Mary Halvorson -- Code Girl
I don’t know enough about jazz to say anything educated about this album. But from the perspective of someone who’s into guitar-based music, Halvorson is incredible. She can shred as hard as any hair metal band, but chooses her moments of maximalism carefully. Code Girl is a brief visit into a universe with epic vistas and narrow windows. And if you’ve been listening to rock’n’roll for any period of time, you’ll appreciate a jazz take on the old “I’m sick of touring” song.
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  1. Sarah King -- “War Pigs” (Single)
  2. Drayton Farley -- “Tightrope” (Stoic Faces)
  3. Have Gun, Will Travel -- “Let the Sunlight In (Demo)” (Raw Materials: Home Demos)
  4. Creekbed -- “Lengthening Light” (Single)
  5. D’Orjay the Singing Outlaw -- “New Kind of Outlaw” (New Kind of Outlaw)
  6. Taylor Ackmeran’s Global Acid Reset -- “Stand Tall” (Encephelon)
  7. Leeann Skoda -- “Still” (Single)
  8. baby chemist -- “I’ll Still Be Here” (Single)
  9. MINUTEMEN -- “It’s Expected I’m Gone” (Double Nickels on the Dime)
  10. Mary Halvorson -- Off the Record (Code Girl)
  11. Chuck Briseno -- “Draw You a Map (Live at Sun Studio)” (Single)
  12. Jade Turner -- “Hangover Blues” (Single)
Podcast intro by Alma Contra, music from Two Cow Garage’s “Stars & Gutters”
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