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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Jan 4, 2021

Here it is -- my top 10 of 2020!

There are probably a lot of people you’d expect me to have in my top 20, like John Moreland and American Aquarium. While those artists made huge strides in pushing their own boundaries, they just didn’t make as much of an emotional impact on me as the albums featured here. For me, top albums need to both push boundaries AND make me FEEL SOMETHING. These are the 20 albums this year that made my heart skip a beat.
  1. Kory Quinn -- “On the Borderline” (Home of the Brave)
  2. Maya de Vitry -- “Bread for the Circus” (How to Break a Fall)
  3. Ben de la Cour -- “In God We Trust...All Others Pay Cash” (Shadowland)
  4. Juni Ata -- “I’ll Try Anything Twice” (Saudade)
  5. Nana Grizol -- “Plantation Country” (South Somewhere Else)
  6. Fern Maddie -- “Of Song and Bone” (North Branch River)
  7. Angelica Garcia -- “Jicama” (Cha Cha Palace)
  8. Jake Blount -- “The Angels Done Bowed Down” (Spider Tales)
  9. Stephanie Lambring -- “Daddy’s Disappointment” (Autonomy)
  10. Fiona Apple -- “Relay” (Fetch the Bolt Cutters)
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