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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Dec 18, 2020

This week, Rachel is joined by long-list twin Gabe DiChiara and her love Rosa Schneider! The trio talk yearning, unrequited love, and Elizabeth Warren (cw for Bernie or Bust bros: maybe skip the intro and go straight to the music.) This playlist was prompted by the Sappho poem “Deathless Aphrodite.” Rosa reads Anne Carson’s translation in her sexier-than-Rachel-Maddow voice.
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  1. The Dennis Brothers -- “Everywhere I Go” (Everywhere I Go)
  2. Brad Brooks -- “Strange Fruit Numb” (God Save the City)
  3. Tret Fure -- “Freedom” (Rembrandt Afternoon)
  4. Pillow Queen -- “HowDoILook” (In Waiting)
  5. Lucy Dacus -- “Addictions” (Historian)
  6. Ghost Shirt -- “Jackhammer” (Domestique)
  7. Karen and the Sorrows -- “Why Won’t You Come Back To Me?” (Guaranteed Broken Heart)
  8. Lee Bains III -- “Stars” (Sweet Disorder!)
  9. Kelly Kneiser -- “Happiness Looks Good On You” (Kelly Kneiser)
  10. Austin Lucas -- “Shallow Inland Sea” (Immortal Americans)
  11. Lydia Loveless -- “Really Wanna See You”
  12. Robin -- “Dancing On My Own” (Body Talk Pt. 1)
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