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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Nov 27, 2020

We cut right to the chase this week with some of the finest Americana out there, plus an interview with Elli Perry about her incredible new song “Glynn County.” The song is only available on her site, and the proceeds go to YOUth Speak, a Glynn County-based youth group that is already making positive change in the wake of Ahmaud Arbury’s murder.

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Album of the Week: Becky Warren -- The Sick Season
Becky Warren’s made something of a career of singing about society’s discards -- homeless communities, veterans, and, now, herself. The Sick Season is the kind of sickly deep dive most of us have been on now that we’re stuck in isolation -- much like a musician traversing miles and miles of road. Warren’s exhaustion with herself will feel familiar to most of us, and she brings some truly stellar backup along with the likes of Emily Saliers and Ben de la Cour. This is the kind of album Adobe & Teardrops lives for and you’ll hear it again on my year-end roundup very, very soon.
  1. Chicks With Dip -- “Snake Oil Salesman” (Stomping on Eggshells)
  2. Steven Blane -- “Busking My Way Back To You” (Motel Blue)
  3. Megan and Shane -- “Caroline” (Caroline)
  4. The Pollies -- “Lost” (Not Here)
  5. Juhan Ongbrian -- “Sail On” (Single)
  6. Risa Kopp -- “Grit and Ashes” (Single)
  7. Wild Earp -- “Oligarchy Blues” (Single)
  8. Becky Warren -- Dickerson Pike (The Sick Season)
  9. Johno Leeroy -- “Rest Easy” (The Magnolia Sessions)
  10. Martin and the Fall -- “By the Mile” (Nothing Wrong With This EP)
  11. Ryan Dunlap -- “You Just Got Beat” (Single)
  12. Made of Stone -- “The End” (Single)
INTERVIEW w/ Elli Perry featuring “Glynn County”
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