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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Nov 13, 2020

Meg Williams is the founder of Harper Valley PR but, more importantly, she’s an advocate of the Chicago country scene. Meg backed Rainbow Rodeo, the first (known) queer country zine, so she’s joing us as a co-host today!
Bella did not back the Rainbow Rodeo Kickstarter but she also had a lot to say during today’s episode. (She puked right after the recording, so that may be why.)
  1. Jeannie C. Reilly -- “Harper Valley PTA”
  2. Local News Legend w/ Mary Wander -- “Relationship Anarchy” (No Boyfriend November)
  3. Michelle Billingsley -- “Portia” (Not the Marrying Kind)
  4. KIT -- “Good Guy” AND “Stranger” (KIT)
  5. Nathan Graham -- “Fake Friends” (Saint of Second Chances)
  6. Graber Gryass -- “Devil’s Got Your Name” (Late Bloom)
  7. Meg and the Wheelers -- “Getting Over Him” (Bar in the Divorce)
  8. Chantal Van T -- “Nicalochan” (Nicalochan)
  9. Dan Whitaker -- “A Man and His Age” (Moving on With You)
  10. Bad Flamingo -- “Bottom Shelf Gin” (Single)
  11. James Hand -- “In the Corner, By the Table, at the Jukebox” (The Truth Will Set You Free)
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