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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Nov 6, 2020

Rachel is joined by British Americana artist Mike West to share views on authenticity in country music, Dungeons & Dragons, and all there is to know about the British Americana scene.
You can find Mike’s website here and follow him on Twitter at @mike333west or Instagram at @mike333west
This week’s episode is sponsored by WYLD Gallery in Austin, TX. WYLD Gallery features the finest in Native American contemporary art, including originals and prints that work with every budget. Use the slider tool on the “Shop” tab to see everything on offer at
  1. Mike West -- “Rock Ferry” (Single)
  2. The Belle Curves -- “Greener Pastures” (2020)
  3. Josh Beddis -- “The Old House” (One For Sorrow)
  4. Lizzy Lehman -- “Summer Song” (A Place I Know You’ll Love)
  5. Emma Jade -- “One Horse Town” (Older Now)
  6. Oklahoma Uprising -- “High Sign” (High Sign)
  7. Alex Tempest -- “Can’t Change Me” (Single)
  8. wino-strut & Friends -- “Natural Home” (Bloodsicle)
  9. Sarah Vista -- “I Wish You Hell” (Killing Fever)
  10. Michael B Whit -- “Not in Kansas” (Single)
  11. Kings and Queens -- “The King of Salem” (The King of Salem)
  12. Sonny Falls -- “Filling in the Blanks” (All That Has Come Apart/Once Did Not Exist)
  13. Lonnie Holley -- “Like Hell Broke Away” (National Freedom)
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