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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Oct 30, 2020

Adobe & Teardrops is huge in India? Also, in spite of all the tough stuff going on, there’s always room for interactions with adorable young people! Plus -- an interview with folk duo Sally and George!
Don’t forget -- there’s more music on the site!
  1. Magana -- “Morning Person” (You Are Not a Morning Person)
  2. Pale Fire -- “King Salt” (Husbands)
  3. Stephanie Lambring -- “Pretty” (Autonomy)
  4. Cam -- “Til There’s Nothing Left” (The Otherside)
  5. Twin Solitaire -- “Not My City” (Fearless and Young)
  6. Strays Don’t Sleep -- “Couldn’t Be Happier” (A Short Film For a Long Story)
  7. Austin Lucas -- “Cry Over” (Alive in the Hot Zone!)
  8. Phillip-Michael Scales -- “Tell Me How I Sound” (Single)
  9. Porkchop and the Fixins -- “The Moon” (Single)
  10. Mike Blair and the Stonewalls -- “Sleepin Sundays” (Single)
  11. Jeremy Parsons -- “Lillian” (Single)
  12. Mae Krell -- “wash” (Single)
  13. Will Overman -- “Little Things” (Single)
  14. INTERVIEW: Sally & George“Fish For Free” (Take You On a Ride)“Listen Sister” (Take You On a Ride)
Take You on a Ride is out on October 30th
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