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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Oct 23, 2020

Of anniversaries, weird cakes, plot twists, and even weirder role-playing games. And baseball? It’s all here, even your new favorite Americana artists!

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Album of the Week: Stephanie Lambring -- Autonomy
Autonomy, Stephanie Lambring’s debut solo record, is easily one of the best this year. Lambring had a publishing deal in Nashville, so you know she has strengthened that songwriting muscle. But after a few years of writing catchy songs for other people, she decided to do her own thing. I’m glad she did. Autonomy has some of the year’s best songwriting, but Lambring’s performances really give them life. This album is an astonishing venting of feminine rage -- not because Lambring is an angry woman, but because this album is all about examining the at times deadly pressures cis women face. Autonomy is an album about the expectations of patriarchy and learning how to flaunt them -- and still survive.
  1. Rachel Brooke -- “Ghost of You” (The Loneliness in Me)
  2. Robert Connely Farr -- “Bad Whiskey” (County Supper)
  3. Nikki O’Neill -- “A Man For All Seasons” (World Is Waiting)
  4. Matt Burke -- “Missed My Chance” (Single)
  5. White Rose Motor Oil -- “Will Not Fade Away” (You Can’t Kill Ghosts)
  6. Stephanie Lambring -- Pretty (Autonomy)
  7. Stephie James -- “Where the Sage Grows” (These Days)
  8. Monique DeBose -- “Rally Call” (Single)
  9. Black TarPoon -- “Sarita” (The Thad EP)
  10. Ruby Mack -- "Milktooth" (Devil Told Me)
  11. Clayton Ryan -- “Fight the Tide” (Single)
  12. Mariel Buckley and Bros. Landreth -- “Goodbye” (Something New, Something Blue)
  13. Tre Burt -- “Under the Devil’s Knee” (Single)
  14. Micah Schnabel -- “Existential Dread Machine” (Single)
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