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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Oct 16, 2020

It’s episode 141 and Rachel has the sensitivity of a Victorian lady. Also, great music from fabulous people.

Album of the Week: CF Watkins -- Babygirl
CF Watkins has found that sweet spot between pop and Americana -- a brass ring that many recent artists have shot at and missed the mark. It helps that Watkins’ lyrics are astute and journalistic in their approach to detail. If you put them down on paper, these would be intricate and observant character studies of women and girls on the precipice of society’s expectations.
Watkins brings a distinctly feminine perspective to her songs: these are stories of women -- specifically -- bound up in the expectations of others. Women who fearfully, casually, or confidently slash those bonds. Babygirl reminds me of Erin Rae’s stunning Putting on Airs: the observations of someone who takes pleasure seeing just how far outside the lines she can color while proudly resisting the instructions in the first place.
  1. Natalie Schlabs -- “Eye of the Storm” (Don’t Look Too Close)
  2. CF Watkins -- Come Around (Babygirl)
  3. WRENN -- “Maggie Gyllenhaal” (Single)
  4. Gim Kordon -- “Joskus mä pelkään” (Single)
  5. Jerry Castle -- “Worried Man” (Midnight Testaments)
  6. William Elliott Whitmore -- “Put it To Use” (I’m With You)
  7. Jonas Friddle -- “Under the Weather” (Single)
  8. Proud Country -- “Small Town U.S.A” (Single)
  9. Hayeden Leenhouts -- “The Band” (216 Miles)
  10. Mink’s Miracle Medicine -- “Beautiful Losers” (Thumbs Up Angel)
  11. Dead Nettles -- “If Drowning…” (Single)
  12. Will Hawkins -- “Punching Walls in Flats and Rentals” (Single)
  13. John K Samson -- “Fantasy Baseball at the End of the World” (Single)
  14. St. Ove -- “See You Later” (Single)
  15. The Belle Curves -- “Waltzing Will” (Single)
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