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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

May 4, 2018

Von manages to escape the room and needs to figure out where he can get his next big fix from. Rachel wants you to go to local shows because they have a more special energy. Get your passport for this episode because we feature artists from all over the world!

Music in This episode:

Paisley Fields - “Can’t Stop Our Love”

The Howling Lords - “Talk Like That”

Sera Cahoone - “Baker Lake” (The Flora String Sessions EP)

The Lied To’s - “Cruel World” (The Lesser Of Two Evils)

Television City - “Month of Sundays” (Television City)

The Pine Hill Haints - “Death of the Buffalo Girl” (Smoke)

Anna Nalick - “Aura” (At Now)

Big Little Lions - “Find Your Tribe” (Alive And Well)

Sami Simon, “Bombs”

Dolbro Dan - “Staring At The Floor” (Folk Dope) 

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