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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Oct 5, 2020

I was super late getting this one out, so everyone gets to hear the Patreon songs! Also, found poetry!
Album of the Week: Lydia Loveless -- Daughter
Daughter finds Americana stalwart Loveless at the ebb of significant upheaval: a divorce, a relocation, a cathartic but tumultuous outing of bad practices at her previous label, Bloodshot Records, the reverberations of which are still being felt three years later.
But all of that has led to one thing: out with the bad, and in with the good. On Daughter, Loveless is searching for answers amidst a way forward. She’s continuing to explore that sort of disco pop that’s marked her last few releases, though that sense of freedom has also drawn her to explore some back-to-basics Americana with much more sure-footed songwriting. It’s still a Lydia Loveless album, after all, and there are plenty of albums to cry, sip, or smoke along to: whatever it is that helps you feel washed clean after a good bout of searching the bottom of your soul.
  1. Johanna Rose -- “A Nite Like This” AND “Only Good” (Only Good Nites)
  2. Concetta Abate -- “A Bit of Rain” (Mirror Touch)
  3. Lydia Luce -- “Dark River” (Single)
  4. Lydia Loveless -- “Wringer” AND “Daughter” (Daughter)
  5. Emily Zuzik -- “Stay Wild” AND “Chinese Food and Donuts” (Torch & Trouble))
  6. Phillipa Cookman -- “Greasy Mabel” (Single)
  7. Girls on Grass -- “Spill Your Guts” (Spill Your Guts/Who’s Gonna Cry? 7”)
  8. Al Holbrook -- “Guru Lover Star” (Rocket Ships For Dreamers)
  9. Bonnie Whitmore -- “Fine” AND “Flashes & Cables” (Last Will & Testament)
  10. Bison Bone -- “Downtown” AND “Drinking To Do” (Find Your Way Out)
  11. Mike West -- “Rock Ferry” (The Next Life)
  12. Jensen Sisters -- “Beat of a Bad Habit” AND “On the Fringe” (Yellow Shades)
  13. Brendan and the Strangest Ways -- “Anxiety” (Single)
  14. Olivia Ellen Lloyd -- “Emily” (Single)
  15. Bette Smith -- “I Felt It” (The Good, The Bad, The Bette)
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