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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Aug 14, 2020

It was my birthday! I got a refrigerator I can’t use! Also, there’s music!!!
Album of the Week: Scott Cook -- Tangle of Souls
Damn, this is a gorgeous album. Scott Cook’s voice -- vocally and lyrically -- is as clear-eyed, optimistic, and straightforward as ever. I lost track of Cook for a while but he’s produced some of my favorite music that I’ve reviewed in 9 years of Adobe & Teardrops. Tangle of Souls is the medicine we could all use right now. As much as I enjoy the wave of experimentalism in Americana lately, at the end of the day you need great lyrics and a guitar and that’s what Cook does best.
  1. Jenny O. -- “God Knows Why” (New Truth)
  2. Wild Earp -- “Don’t Play the Waltz at the California Clipper” (Single)
  3. The Slow Blade -- “Death Letter” (Remain)
  4. Severed Fingers -- “Hospital Beds” (Trust No One)
  5. The Cry -- “Everything and Nothing” (Beautiful Reasons)
  6. Bridget Dowling -- “Back to Her” (Single)
  7. Crystal Shawanda -- “When it Comes to Love” (Church House Blues)
  8. Lyn Avenue -- “Sophisticated” (Sophisticated)
  9. Jessye DeSilva -- “Missouri” (Quarantine Sessions)
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